About Us

Our company has been established in Salihli which is a nice city nearby one of the well known Turkish city, Izmir. We donot compromise quality in our production since our establishment date 1970 and since then we are producing high quality high pressure steel industrial and medical gas cylinders together with fire extingusihers on our facilty located over 5500 m2 closed and 8500 m2 total area.

B.K.S. Basincli Kaplar Sanayii A.S. founded by Mastered Chemical Enginer Mr. Özcan ÜNLÜ and he is still on active duty in the company.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to prove our quality globally and to try hard on whispering BKS mark, which was already identified with QUALITY by our customers,widespread.

Our Mission

Our Mission is being a manufacturer which has the ability to be available at all times with correct and quality products by keeping product range as wide as possible. 

Our company motto does clearly reflect our perspective over quality;

"Quality is not for return of the goods, it is for return of the customer."


Chairman of the Board Özcan ÜNLÜ Chemical Engineer (MS)
Deputy General Manager  Şahin ÜNLÜ Chemical Engineer (MBA)
Member of the Board Mert ÜNLÜ Mechanical Engineer
Factory Manager Gülgün ALTIN Mechanical Engineer
Production Engineer Dilara ULAŞ Metallurgical Engineer


Production Field

High pressure seamless steel industrial and medical gas cylinders and industrial CNG cylinders and CNG cylinders for Automotive.
All kinds of installed and portable fire estinguishers and fire extinguishing systems.
Supply of fire extingusiher accessories, extingusihing agents and servicing and periodical inspection of all of the mentioned products.


We are proudly using spin forming for our high pressure seamless steel cylinders and deep drawing process for our extinguisher body production which are known to be the latest production capabilities in these fields.


2010/35/EU, 97/23/EC, EN ISO 9809-1, TS 862-EN 3, EN ISO 10961, EN 1968, IS certificate


Local certificates

  • Turkish Standards Institution production certificates
  • Turkish Standards Institution production capability certificate
  • Authorization cetificates from Turkish Science and Industry Ministry
  • Loyd sertifikaları

International Certificates

  • Germany : TUV Rheinland, TUV SUD CE and EN ISO 9809 certificates
  • Germany : TUV SUD ISO 9001:2008

Supplier Countries

Germany, Italy, France and China

Export Countries

Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Greece, Egypt, Pakistan, Northern Cyprus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Romania, Israel, Bulgaria, South Africa and Iraq